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About Flextech

From designing to manufacturing, we create bespoke hose assemblies for transporting materials for food, beverage, pharmaceuticals, water, air, fuels and chemicals and much more.

Our vision is to deliver long-lasting, fit for purpose hose solutions to all forms of hose problems by integrating quality into every area of our business strategy. Together with our network of suppliers and distributors, we are determined to make our vision a reality

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Our Mission

Our mission, as a specialist hose solution company, is to provide businesses around the world with high quality, fit for purpose hose solutions from coils and cut lengths to bespoke hose assemblies as well as all accompanying accessories.

We are committed to gaining recognition as a market leader for bespoke hose solutions through our values, our brands and our actions. In everything we do, we strive for integrity and excellence.

“We are not just another hose supplier”


Our Vision

Our vision is to be a global hose company focused on delivering fit for purpose hose solution provision.

This starts with what we supply – a wide range of bespoke hose solutions from common, everyday goods to specialist hose assemblies for niche applications. This extends to how our products are made and with what materials – we source only from suppliers who can offer full material traceability and those who share our enthusiasm for quality. Lastly, we put a lot of emphasis on purity to ensure the performance capabilities of our products are maximised – the point of all this being to provide solutions that adequately support the companies and industries reliant upon us.


Our Values

Our values reflect the company we are and aspire to be and they are the foundation for every business decision we make. The values we hold at Flextech also serve as a compass and describe how we behave in the world.

  • Collaboration – We love building strong, mutually beneficial relationships
  • Integrity – What you see is what you get here at Flextech. We’re a family business built on family principles
  • Passion – We have a thorough understanding of hoses and how they work
  • Quality – We’re passionate! So it’s engrained into everything we do

Our Method

We help our customers make the right choice the first time and follow it through with detailed technical support, backed by our consultative approach and STAMPED requirements


Our Technology

At Flextech we don’t believe that a hose is just a hose. Repetitive, arduous applications demand advanced hoses.

Our Brands

We have a complementary portfolio of brands that enables us to provide more choices for our customers, and drives lower costs, productivity enhancements and new capabilities. Our products are available around the world and our portfolio includes 19 brands.


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