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 Flextech Headquarters 1

A message from Gary

 "We’re all very busy! That’s why Flextech is a business that doesn’t mess around. Gary

We are a business built on high moral standards and you will find honesty and integrity in every aspect of our operation. Whether you call customer service, sales, production or accounts you will receive the same superior level of support. We will always try to give the best possible advice, recommendations or solutions to our customers whether they decide to buy from us or not. We will share our technical knowledge and experience with you to engender confidence and arrive at the best solution for you, fast. Flextech is a forward thinking business constantly looking to develop new ideas to meet ever evolving hose applications and improve established materials and products. We also work very closely with our suppliers to ensure a reliable, sustainable supply chain and guarantee the quality of products and materials supplied.

If I were to summarise everything that this business is about it would be that:

We aim to ensure that whilst simultaneously offering a service that is always on time, every time, Flextech will in due course gain recognition as the most comprehensive hose and hose assembly solutions provider in the UK.

Finally, if we have any aspiration at all, it is that you, our customer, have an enjoyable experience when you deal with us and that this will lead to a firm, ongoing and friendly relationship. Our integrity is paramount - we are not just another hose supplier!"

Gary Shaw
Managing Director - Flextech Hose Solutions Limited





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