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Flextech: Not just another hose supplier

Rooted in solution provision, driven by engineering and united by purpose, Flextech exists to solve some of the world’s greatest fluid transfer challenges. We are a hose solutions company with an extraordinary range of high performance materials, engineering capabilities, manufacturing processes and a corresponding breadth of products.

Today, we drive progress by blending our deep customer knowledge with unrivaled expertise in hoses to meet challenges created by the world and it’s process engineering industries. Our company will continue to grow as needs and demands change, but we will always remain one of the most dynamic and important hose solutions company’s in the world.


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Advanced Hose Technology

At Flextech we don’t believe that a hose is just a hose. Repetitive, arduous applications demand advanced hoses.

Fit For Purpose Hose Solutions

We specialise in finding the solution to a hose problem rather than just simply selling the cheapest product

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