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Testing rig

Our Capabilities

At Flextech we produce high quality, top end products from various hose materials comprising of PTFE, Hygienic rubber, Silicones and other specialist materials. We primariliy provide these for people and businesses within the food, pharmaceutical, petrochemical, beverage and dairy industries alongside a wide variety of other industrial engineering applications.

Hose production

At Flextech Hose we operate a modern, safe & efficient purpose built hose production facility. We have the benefit of three streamlined hose assembly lines:

PTFE smooth and convoluted bore hose assemblies.
Hygienic silicone and rubber hose assemblies.
Gates Hydraulic hose assemblies.

Flextech in-house hose testing

We take the safety of our customers, staff and general public very seriously. Hoses under high pressure can fail in service causing injury or death if not correctly assembled. For this reason Flextech destructive and non-destructive testing procedures ensure the integrity of each hose under test. Our state of the art automated pressure testing equipment is capable of operating bespoke test cycles with recorded test results to ensure safety and peace of mind. We test our products up to 29000psi/2000bar as part of our computer automated testing facility in order to ensure safe hose use once correctly installed.


At Flextech we can externally swage permanent end connections to rubber, PVC, silicone, PTFE, composites and metallic hoses from 3mm (1/8") to 100mm (4") in diameter. Our swaging process allows us to offer a substantially tougher application attachment for securing products while they operate whilst simultaneously providing a much safer connection. Swaging hoses enables them to meet much higher working pressures and reduces traditional and common coupling failures that occur with un-swaged hoses.

Flextech on-site hose register

Flextech on-site hose testing

Flextech full 3:1B material traceability

Flextech hose identification - Labelling

Flextech trade counter service

FlexTech’s trade counter is open daily between 8:00am and 5:00pm Monday to Friday to cater for those unforeseen emergencies. You will find the Flextech counter staff very friendly, knowledgeable and helpful so if you need technical advice, want to look before you buy or just wait for your hoses to be manufactured then look no further.

PTFE Tafting/Flaring


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