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Our Engineering Capabilities

Fit for purpose is everything in our world and therefore our prime objective is to help you make the right choices when choosing your hose and accessories so that you can avoid future inconveniences. We are here to help and guide you through the process from start to finish by offering sound advice, design suggestions and product development.


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Advice & Consultation

We can help you by offering sound advice, design suggestions, product development (for specific hose applications) or just to point you in the right direction.

Flextech can help to; Solve your hose problems, Advise on hose material, quality, application & safety issues, Design bespoke solutions, Etching hose collars with identification & test details, Use our refurbishment facility to reduce your costs, Arrange site surveys & audits, Advising on stock holding & call-off.

Hose Production

At Flextech we operate a technologically modern, safe and efficient, purpose built hose production facility. We have the ability to manufacture high quality PTFE, hygienic silicone and rubber, Gates hydraulic hose assemblies and much more. We also keep our warehouse constantly stocked with over £500,000 of products including coiled hose, flexible ducting, thermoplastics, couplings, fittings and many other popular accessories in order to offer a Next Day delivery service for hundreds of items.

Hose Testing

At Flextech we take the safety of our customers, staff and general public very seriously. Hoses under pressure can fail in service causing severe injury if they are not correctly assembled or installed. It is for this reason that we have destructive and non-destructive testing procedures to ensure the integrity of each hose under pressure. We operate a technologically adept automated pressure testing equipment that is capable of running bespoke test cycles with recorded test results to ensure safety and peace of mind.


Flextech is one of a select few UK companies with the technology to taft PTFE to a high standard and consistently produce tafts of the highest quality available. PTFE tafting is a process whereby the PTFE hose liner is extruded over the external face of an attached fitting to ensure all wetted parts are PTFE lined. This process creates a completely smooth and flat layer of PTFE which covers the face of the fitting thus helping to prevent corrosion caused by chemicals and abrasive materials when the hose is detached from its application. This process also ensures a 100% FDA lined hose for hygienic applications.


We can externally swage permanent end connections to PTFE, Rubber, PVC, Silicone, Composites and Metallic hoses from 3mm (1/8”) to 150mm (6”) in diameter. Our swaging process allows us to offer a substantially tougher application attachment for securing products while they operate under pressure whilst simultaneously providing a much safer connection. Swaging hoses enables them to meet much higher working pressures and reduces traditional and common coupling failures that occur with un-swaged hoses.

Etching & Engraving

At Flextech we have the facilities to engrave, laser or chemical etch product batch details, traceability numbers, date of manufacture, part codes for identification, company name etc onto your hose. In essence, we can put anything you would like onto the ferrules or identification collar.

3.1B Material Traceability

At Flextech we believe in manufacturing and providing truly fit for purpose hose solutions that are of an outstanding quality. We operate a full batch traceability system for all machined components and hose compounds used in the manufacture of our Hygienic hose assemblies. We do this so that you know the true quality of what you have bought from us down to the finest of details and smallest of components.

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