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Why us

Why us?

 At Flextech we are different. We specialise in finding solutions to hose problems rather than selling the cheapest product because in our world having a fit for purpose hose solution is everything. When investigating a problem you may find a good hose used in the wrong application which can be a costly disaster. For this reason our prime objective is to help you to make the right choice and then follow it through with detailed technical support.

Our purpose here is to help you with design suggestions and product choice for specific hose applications from start to finish as well as pointing you in the right direction if it's just a little advice you need. In short we will make time for you. The Flextech team are all specialists in their chosen fields with over 120 years combined experience in the hose and engineering industry. We stand by our promise that this expertise is here to provide you with the best technical solution every time.

We can help to make life easier for you when hose problems arise by; advising on hose materials, products, applications, quality and safety issues, designing hose assemblies for your requirements, etching hose collars with identification/test details, using our hose refurbishment facility to help reduce costs, troubleshooting specific hose situations, advising on stock holding and call-off issues, arranging site hose surveys, carrying out hose audits at site and that's just to name a few! We have many other ways too numerous to list here so for help when you need it most just call us on: +44 (0) 1753 570099!


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