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Food & Dairy Hose

Food & Dairy Hose

Flextech have five differant types of high quality food and dairy hoses suitable for 'Suction', 'Delivery', and 'Suction and Delivery' applications. All of our food and dairy hoses meet FDA and BGA standards which means that they are able to meet the requirements for beverage, medical and pharmaceutical applications in addition to the food and dairy industry. These hoses have a white, butyl smooth mirror finish rubber liner and are reinforced with synthetic braids and then covered with a special smooth, blue, non marking, low friction, weather and abrasive resistant cover.

Applications: , Food dairy, beverage, medical and pharmaceutical 
Key features:
  • Special high quality FDA non-tainting liner
  • 25% more flexible than other leading brands
  • Special anti-abrasion cover
  • Specially formulated easyslide exterior cover making lighter work for operation

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