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Hygienic Rubber Hose Assemblies

Hygienic Rubber Hose Assemblies
Flextech’s range of rubber hygienic hoses include DairyFlex, BrewFlex, Pharmafluor and hygienic rubber Steam hoses which can be supplied in loose coil form or manufactured as assemblies with a full range of end connections. With working pressures up to 20 Bar and operating temperatures exceeding +170°c these hoses are ideally suited for use with dairy, food, beverage, pharmaceutical and water applications.


  • Fluids associated with high temperatures
  • Compensation of vibrations & pipe work misalignment
  • ŸPharmaceutical and bio-medical fluid transfer and production
  • Food, dairy and beverage handling and production
  • ŸBottle filling, De-ionised water transfer & Conveyance of cosmetics

Key features:

  • FDA CFR 177.2600 compliant
  • BfR D.M.21/03/73 food regulations compliance
  • Free from Animal Derived Ingrediants (ADI Free)
  • USP Class VI compliant
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