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Plastiflex Ducting

Plastiflex Ducting

Plastiflex vacuum ducting is a quality product that works brilliantly in environments where there is a problem with static electricity such as carpet cleaning and commercial vacuum cleaners. Plastiflex is made from an antistatic mix of high quality LDPE and EVA giving it excellent dust rejection capabilities even when working in heavily dusty workspaces. Plastiflex is not suitable for gasoline, solvents or kerosene.

Applications: Carpet cleaning, commercial vacuum cleaners. Applications where there is a moderate problem with static electricity.

Key features:
  • Slightly conductive (1012 up to 1013Œ©/m)
  • Age resistant
  • Resistant to continuous vibrations and movements
  • Low profile allows for outstanding flexibility
  • Plastiflex is a shape-memory polymer that can resist being crushed
Available sizes Colours Standards

Temperature range

25mm-63mm Black RoHS compliant

-40°c to +60°c


T3200RX - Plastiflex Medium weight Black Ducting
Size Inner-Dimensions (mm) Outer-Dimensions (mm) Wall- (mm) BendRadius- (mm) Working-Pressures (Bar) Vacuum Icon (Bar) Weight (g/m) Hose-Length (m) Product
25.4 33.6 30 0.6 1 155 6 T3200RX-025
31.8 40.7 35 0.5 1 250 6 T3200RX-032
38.1 48.8 45 0.5 1 350 6 T3200RX-038
50.8 61.5 55 0.4 1 460 6 T3200RX-045
63.5 75.0 60 0.4 1 550 6 T3200RX-052
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Plastiflex Ducting -

Plastiflex Ducting -

A lightweight aluminium ducting manufactured from a multi ply aluminium and polyester laminate with ..

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