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Polyurethane Ducting

Polyurethane Ducting

Polyurethane ducting is lightweight, translucent and durable. One of the key features of polyurethane ducting is that it is 10 times more resistant to abrasives than the PVC equivalent as well as being able to offer resistance to hydrolysis and premature ageing. This ducting is ideally suited for applications requiring the conveying of abrasive materials such as sawdust, splinters, granules, salt, sugar and all types of powders and dust.

Applications: Shavings and wood powder, suction of light abrasives, suction of fumes and oils, pneumatic transport of textile fibres, ceramics, paper and plastic

Key features:
  • Highly flexible
  • Light weight
  • Excellent bend radius
  • Resistant to ozone and weathering
  • Chemical resistance
  • UV resistance
  • Good resistance to oils, fats and some solvents


Available sizes Colours Standards

Temperature range

12mm-600mm Translucent CE n° 10/2011 and CE n° 1935/2004, Anti-static to TRB S 2153. ATEX Directive 94/4/EC and 9/92/EC. Electrical Resistance to ISO 8031. EU regulation 10/2011, RoHS 2011/65/EU Directive and REACH regulation (1907/2006).

Superflex -20°c to +100°c
Vacuflex -40°c to +100°c


Superflex polyurethane ductings vs Vacuflex polyurethane ductings

Superflex Vacuflex
    • Superflex has an anti-shock, rigid PVC spiral allowing for a smoothbore ducting and optimum flow rates
    • Operates at a lower temperature range than Vacuflex due to its PVC spiral.
    • Has thinner wall thicknesses across it's size range making it less durable than Vacuflex in abrasive applications
    • 10 times more abrasive resistant than its PVC equivalent
    • Suitable for applications requiring flexibility and the conveyance of low volumes of materials over durability
    • Vacuflex has a copper coated steel wire helix allowing it to operate at higher working temperatures than Superflex
    • Smaller Vacuflex polyurethane sizes have a more corrugated bore meaning lower flow rates. Larger sizes are smoother.
    • Has thicker wall thicknesses than Superflex making it more durable for abrasive applications
    • 10 times more abrasive resistant than its PVC equivalent
    • Suitable for applications requiring durability and the conveyance of high volumes of materials over flexibility
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