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Hygienic, high quality and non-tainting, Brewflex® is the UK’s leading brewery hose. It first entered the market in 2010 and is now supplied to over 400 breweries in the UK alone (out of a total 1700). In more recent years Brewflex® has also gained a prominent position in the international brewery market through being distributed throughout the EMEA region. We have also sold Brewflex® to places as far west as the USA and as far east as South Korea.


In 2017 we updated the design for Brewflex®. By further improving its flexibility, durability and general quality properties we’ve been able to ensure the hose’ integrity is maintained over a longer period of time.


Below you’ll find some important information about Brewflex® – construction, applications, temperature range and pressure range – to help you make informed choices. There are slight variations with these details depending on the Brewflex® model used. The below is meant as a guide.


– Construction – Odorless, taste-free, hygienic butyl liner, synthetic plies and/or a steel wire spiral reinforcement, anti-friction EPDM cover.

– Applications: Beer, wine, cider, perry, spirits (up to 96%), drinking water, fruit juice, soft drinks

– Temperature range: -40°c to +120°c

– Pressure Rating: 16 bar working pressure & 48 bar burst pressure


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