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Chemical Hoses and Chemical Resistant Hose Assemblies

Flextech chemical hoses have been developed over many years to offer the highest standards of chemical resistance, high temperature tolerance, flexibility and transfer rates in a range of specialist materials including PTFE, UHMWPE, FEP and EPDM. Each of our chemical resistant hoses provide the ideal balance of flexibility, purity, weight and durability while remaining excellent value for money and easy to clean.

Flextech have four different types of high quality chemical and acid hoses suitable for ‘delivery’, and ‘suction and delivery’ applications. All of our chemical hoses are manufactured in compliance with EN 12115 and FDA standards. These hoses have either a UHMWPE, EPDM or FEP rubber liner and are reinforced with synthetic braids and then covered with a smooth, black, non marking CR rubber, low friction, weather and abrasive resistant cover. Our chemical resistant hoses are ideally suited for tank, truck, barge, ship, storage tank transfer, and chemical dosing systems.

Our FlexChem chemical composite hose can be configured to your bespoke requirements. The different types of composite hoses can be easily paired with the type of media they are to convey as the components they consist of are foils and fabrics with varying properties. Polypropylene, polyamide, ECTFE, polyester, glass fibre or aramid fibre materials are available for the layers of fabric and film within the hose.

For handling of less aggressive chemicals such as those used in food, pharmaceutical and bio-medical production, our PTFE chemical hoses are manufactured in accordance with FDA standards and are inert to virtually all chemicals. Properties including high temperature resistance, frictionless surfaces and a choice of convoluted or smoothbore lining make PTFE chemical hoses an excellent all around choice for your business.