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Hypalon Ducting with CSM Coating

Our CSM ducting is manufactured from a high performance grade, compressible synthetic rubber which is resistant to chemicals, temperature extremes and ultraviolet light. This specialist Hypalon ducting range can cope with extreme temperatures from -40°C to +170°C whilst remaining compressible and highly flexible. Our sophisticated manufacturing processes mean CSM Hypalon ducting and tubing can be as narrow as 40mm internally or as wide as 900 mm in diameter whilst retaining high strength, durability and gas extraction capabilities.

We manufacture the liner and cover of our CSM ducting with a Hypalon equivalent synthetic material, chlorosulfonated polyethylene, with a hot zinc dipped steel helix reinforcement. This means the ducting adheres to health and safety standards such as ATEX TRBS 2153 so can be used in volatile situations or areas where electrostatic build up must be minimised. The Hypalon ducting range can be used on both stationary and mobile suction units, filter units and extraction systems to remove chemical vapours and gases at high ambient or product temperatures.

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