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Ethylene Propylene Rubber EPDM Lined Hose Assemblies

EPDM tubing and hosing is synthetic rubber constructed from a tough and durable compound which is suitable for high temperature applications whilst being resistant to degradation and weathering from UV light from the sun, adverse temperatures, poor weather and ozone. EPDM rubber is versatile and available in a vast range of colours, making it the ideal sleeve material for hoses of all shapes and sizes, but also makes an effective liner for suction and delivery of hot water, steam, coolant and wine, fruit juices and soft drinks.

As EPDM is non-toxic, our rubber hoses are suitable for use in environments or cases with a high concentration of humans. Our EPDM lined steel hoses are designed for use in buildings to service ceilings, fan coils, heating and plumbing and are approved by the WRAS, the Water Regulations Advisory Scheme, in recognition that they do not contaminate the water supply. Our EPDM lined suction and delivery hoses for wine, fruit juices and soft drinks are FDA approved to show they do not pass on odour or taste to the product they contain. Its resistance to alcohol and other polar materials such as phosphate esters and ketones stops corrosion and other deterioration and makes EPDM rubber hosing durable and reliable.

EPDM can be enforced with a high strength synthetic pile coating / braiding or a tight fitting steel or nylon spiral to provide crush and kink resistance. These braids help provide an excellent bend radius and flexibility without twisting or catching. Each end of the hose can be fitted out with your end connection of choice, from standard food and beverage couplings to specialist steam and chemical tank threads and clamps made from 316L stainless steel. Internal diameters from 1/2” to 4” offer allow you to get the correct throughput for your hose contents with no loss of pressure or unwanted bulging.