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High Temperature Silicone Ducting

The FlexTech range of silicone ducting are great solutions for applications that require a constant air flow in buildings, manufacturing and operation of machinery. With a lined option for withstanding high working pressures and increased vacuum resistance and an unlined option for low pressure handling of hot and cold air, dust, fumes, heating and ventilation systems together with electrical cable conduit, this silicone ducting can be supplied from ¾” to 12” in diameter for all requirements.

A silicone coated glass fibre liner is reinforced with a kink resistant and flexible spring steel wire helix. This is covered with a silicone coated glass fibre material with a supporting fibreglass retention cord so the ducting is prevented from collapsing in on itself when it is bent, keeping air and fumes flowing through at all times. This makes the ducting a reliable choice for various applications from light duty ambient air transfer to heavy duty chemical systems. With a temperature range from -85°c to +310°c the ducting is suitable for cold and hot environments.

Silicone rubber is an ideal choice for your ducting material as it is conducts little heat and is also lightweight (from as little as 80g/m for the smallest diameter unlined silicone ducting) making it easy to install, move and suspend from structures.

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