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Polymer / Plastic Lined Hoses and Polymer Tubing

Flextech’s market leading plastic polymer lined hoses and tubing are designed to provide a high quality, highly flexible and highly customisable solution to replace standard, damaged or improper hosing and tubing. With hose linings manufactured from industrial Polymers including LDPE/EVA, Nylon/PA, Polyurethane/PU, Polyvinyl Chloride/PVC and plastic tubing and ducting, we have a hose assembly for each of your industrial or commercial requirements.

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Polymer Hose Assemblies

The polymer hose assemblies manufactured and customised by Flextech Hose provide a flexible and hygienic suction and delivery method for materials from clean water to aggressive chemicals and alcohols. Their plastic construction keeps them lightweight and flexible whilst the resistant lining provides durable and low friction passing of hot and cold water, small foodstuffs, air and mildly corrosive beverage, industrial and agricultural chemicals. At present we have 71 polymer lined hoses to choose from, with specialist PU, PVC, Nylon and general purpose plastic hose inners providing flexibility which can be reinforced with polymer covers or steel braids.

Polymer (Plastic) Ducting

Our plastic ducting range is lightweight, has excellent crush and kink resistance and is extremely durable. If crushed the hose springs back to its former shape. This is due to the interlocking plastic profiled strip. This gives superb flexibility and capability to bend very tightly with no constriction of the inner dimensions. The hose is made entirely of plastic which makes it very lightweight. The inner surface is recessed and has a smooth finish, reducing flow resistance. The mix of high quality LDPE and EVA helps reject dust and minimise build up of static electricity.

Other polymer ducting such as the PU Vacuflex range is even more flexible, with high elasticity and resistance to microbes, oils, fats and solvents. With options including Light, Medium and  Heavy Duty PU ducting, flame retardant PU ducting, abrasion resistant variants and food grade properties, this plastic ducting range is extremely good at meeting a wide range of industrial requirements.

Polymer Tubing

Flextech manufacture the highest quality industrial polymer plastic tubing to any specification. Our range includes multipurpose food quality PVC tubing made from Class A PVC, straight and coiled PU flexible tubing for air and pneumatic controls and nylon coils and flexible tubes with excellent resistance to oils and chemicals. Whether you’re conveying liquids, fluids, air or chemicals, the plastic tubing options we can provide offer a bespoke polymer tubing solution with a choice of connections, ends, lengths, diameters and colours.