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T6610 | PTFE Dip Tube Assemblies

Extruded tube made from anti-static PTFE



T6610 | PTFE Dip Tube Assemblies:

T6610 PTFE Dip Tube Assemblies offer very good load carrying properties combined with low friction and high wear resistance as well as good thermal and electrostatic dissipation. Flextech’s PTFE dip pipes are suitable for wet operating conditions and for contact with corrosive agents.




Key Features

  • Extremely low coefficient of friction
  • Extremely low stick-slip effect
  • Excellent wear resistance even in dry applications
  • Stable behavior at operating temperatures from -240° C to +260° C and for short time up to +280° C
  • Dimensional stability
  • Excellent thermal dissipation capacity (specific grades)
  • Excellent chemical inertness
  • Can operate in salt water, in steam environments or aggressive and corrosive chemical environments
  • Good dielectric properties (insulation)
  • Excellent conductivity properties for antistatic applications
  • Extremely high PV and sliding behavior
  • High load compression resistance (radial/axial)
  • Low abrasive surface for applications on soft countersurfaces
  • Excellent vibration dampening and noiseless
  • Flexibility and fatigue stress resistance
  • An atoxic version is available which is excellent for food contact and food industry applications
  • A good gas proof properties (specific grades)




Typically for environments where chemicals or aggressive chemicals are in use. Certain grades are also suitable for food and beverage applications however a stainless steel dip tube, which we also offer, may be a more suitable solution.




Liner: Anti-static PTFE –
Reinforcement: N/A.
Cover: N/A




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