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What do we offer?

At Flextech we offer a standard 12 month guarantee on all the own brand products that we supply you with at no extra cost which is the same as what we offer for any hose assemblies that we manufacturer on site. We also always honour the manufacturers guarantee where one is offered so that you always know you can count on us to help you best in the unlikely situation of a fault or issue. Please see our returns and cancellations policy for more information.

By working closely with our trusted suppliers we have developed strong relationships which allow us to offer a 12 month guarantee for hundreds of products and so any product that has the Flextech stamp of approval comes with this guarantee. 

What do our guarantees cover?

Our guarantees provide full cover against mechanical breakdown through normal application use. Simply put, if a product that we have supplied you with that was manufactured on site or is an own brand product develops a fault, then we will arrange for it to be repaired free of charge including parts and labour. Please see our returns and cancellations policy for more information.

We offer a guarantee for the following products:

  • Hose Assemblies - Rubber, Ducting, PTFE
  • Own brand products - Flextech, Brewflex, Dairyflex, Pharmaflex
  • If a product that we have supplied you with develops a fault we would ask that you look for a visible sign of the issue before you call us so that we can be the most help possible

What don't our guarantees cover?

Whilst our guaranntees do cover any fault that develops with a product due to a manufacturers error they do not cover any fault that develops due to the incorrect use of the productWe define incorrect use as:

  • Incorrect installation
  • Ill product maintenance
  • Insufficient product care 


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