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Hygienic, high quality and non-tainting, Dairyflex is our range of hygeinic rubber dairy hoses. They are suitable for milk, food, fatty and dairy products and are manufactured in compliance with FDA and BGA requirements. It first entered the market in 2010, alongside Brewflex®, and is now supplied to many food and dairy companies in the UK.


In 2017 we began developing a new design for Dairyflex™ aimed at further improving its flexibility, durability, crush resistance and general quality properties. The goal is to create a food and dairy hose that is easier to use and handle as well as maintain the hose’ integrity over a longer period of time.


Below you’ll find some important information about Dairyflex™ – construction, applications, temperature range and pressure range – to help you make informed choices. There are slight variations with these details depending on the Dairyflex™ model used. The below is meant as a guide.


– Construction – Odorless, taste-free, hygienic NBR liner, synthetic plies and/or a steel wire spiral reinforcement, anti-friction NBR cover.

– Applications: Fatty foods & dairy produce

– Temperature range: -40°c to +80°c

– Pressure Rating: 10 bar working pressure & 30 bar burst pressure


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