Introducing the
Dairyflex® range.

High quality, premium rubber hose assemblies
for the responsible processing of dairy products.

Flextech – UK Manufacturer of Flexible Hose Assemblies

Beautifully designed.
Brilliantly engineered.

Bespoke PTFE Hose Assemblies for
specialist and niche applications.

Our Services

Hose Asset Management

Learn about our hose inspection & register service which minimises downtime and maximises hose longevity.
hose testing

Hose Testing

With state of the art equipment we are able to test your hose assemblies to ensure product performance integrity

Hose Identification Solutions

Explore our wide range of hose identification options from tagging to etching, to laser engraving and hose register labeling.

Our Solutions

Fluoropolymer Hose Solutions

Fully customisable PTFE and FEP lined hose assemblies for high performance applications

Polymer Hose Solutions

High quality thermoplastics including; PVC, Polyurethane & Nylon to suit general industrial applications

Elastomer Hose Solutions

A huge range of robust and durable rubber hoses for a variety of markets and applications

Hose Solutions

When no other hose will do, it’s time to use a metallic hose. Suitable for 8000 to 50,000 flex cycles.

Specialist Industries


Flextech design and manufacture hygienic, high quality brewery hoses for the applications of Beer, wine, cider and soft drinks, design to reduce bacterial growth and contamination. View our range of Brewflex® brewery hoses and see the benefits for the Brewing industry.
hose testing


Dairyflex® is our range of hygienic rubber dairy hoses suitable for milk, dairy, and fatty food products in the Dairy industry, manufactured in compliance with FDA and BGA requirements. View our range of Dairyflex® dairy hoses and see the benefits for the Dairy industry.


Our Pharmaflex™, PharmaSil™ and Pharmafluor™ ranges are medical and pharmaceutical grade hoses suited for even the most niche of pharmaceutical, bio-medical or life sciences applications. View our range of Pharmaceutical hoses and see the benefits for the Dairy industry.

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Brewflex® is specially
crafted for protection.

Designed to meet stringent hygiene standards
minimising unnecessary and avoidable costs.

UK Manufacturer of Flexible Hose Assemblies

Flextech Hose Solutions are a local UK manufacturer (ISO 9001:2015) of high quality, uniquely engineered, flexible hose assemblies & supplier of hose, couplings, ducting, tubing & ancillaries, and export to over 69 countries.

We specialise in manufacturing hose assemblies and other hose related solutions for specialist, hygienic, industrial & hydraulic markets. Our hose ranges include; PTFE, silicone, rubbers, thermoplastics & metallics.

Beautifully designed.
Brilliantly engineered.

Bespoke Silicone Hose Assemblies for
pharmaceutical applications.