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Air Hoses

Our range of air hoses are designed for the delivery of breathing air and compressed air for inert fluids, heavy duty pneumatic tools, road construction, railway works, tunnelling and mining etc.

These hoses come in a number of external cover colours and have a range of end connections available. They have full 3:1 material batch traceability and is available as a loose coiled hose in 40m lengths or as bespoke, purpose-built hose assemblies.

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We offer a range of different air hoses for a whole multitude of applications, including things such as diving, agriculture, vehicle repair and in-plant operations.

Industrial Air Hoses

At Flextech, our industrial rubber air hoses are able to work under pressures of up to 50 bar, with operating temperatures reaching +80oc. These hoses are high quality and manufactured in accordance with ISO requirements. They’re suitable for applications requiring superior flexibility and durability.

Compressed Air Hoses

Flextech offer a range of braided PVC air hoses which are constructed from numerous layers of high-quality PVC and a polyester braid reinforcement, enabling these hoses to be flexible, durable and suited for many pressure applications up to 80 bar. They are designed for the delivery of compressed air and gases.

Medical air hoses & Breathing air hoses

Flextech offer a selection of compressed breathing air and medical gas hoses that are reinforced with high tensile polyester fibres that have a temperature range between -40 degrees to +90 degrees. These hoses have been specifically designed to be used on medical equipment or for breathing apparatus and meet stringent standards according to; EN 14593 and EN 14594 and EN  ISO 5359.

The Thermoplastic medical air hoses can be supplied in coil lengths, bespoke lengths or assembled with hose couplings utilising either a simple clamping method or our specially designed, hygienically swaged interlocking coupling system.