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Brewflex® Hygienic, High Quality Beer & Brewery Hoses

Hygienic, high quality and non-tainting, Brewflex® is the UK’s leading brewery hose.

Brewflex® brewery hoses are a high-quality range of butyl lined hoses, designed specifically to convey beer as well as being suitable for; wine, cider, spirits (up to 96%), soft drinks, fruit juices and drinking water. Our bespoke brewery hoses first entered the market in 2010 and is now supplied to over 400 breweries in the UK alone – out of a total 1700.

The Brewflex® hose range is designed and manufactured to a high standard, taking into consideration the need for safe and hygienic delivery of beer products from temperatures of -40°c to +120°c. Odourless and taste-free, our non-tainting beer hoses ensure the smooth and high-quality delivery of liquids, whilst ensuring the hoses have permanently swaged hygienic end connections, drastically reducing bacterial growth and contamination.

Our brewery hoses are available in five different variants in order to provide application-specific hoses, ensuring that we meet the needs of every brewery:

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Benefits of Brewflex® Beer & Brewery Hoses:

  • Hygienic, high quality hoses suitable for Beer, wine, cider (up to 96%), soft drinks and fruit juices
  • Odorless, taste-free made with non-tainting hygienic butyl liner perfect for the delivery of drinks in brewery’s due to its excellent resistance to alcohols
  • Resistant to animal fat, vegetable oil and other edible oils
  • 16 bar working pressure and 48 bar burst pressure
  • Free from Phthalates, Plasticisers and ADI

End Connections for Brewflex® Brewery Hoses

Hose assembly end connections are an essential part of for Brewflex® hose assemblies as this component ensures that the hose can be connected to your application and equipment that you use in-house.

Flextech offer 316 stainless steel swaged (permanently attached) Shawlok® couplings which includes; Triclamp, DIN 11851, RJT, SMS, IDF BSP and BSPT fully hygienic end connections. Shawlok couplings are low/medium pressure quick release coupling systems which are used to connect or disconnect Brewery hose lines swiftly from equipment, without the use of hand tools.