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Dairyflex® Hygienic Rubber Dairy Hose Assemblies

Dairyflex® is Flextech’s range of hygienic rubber dairy hoses suitable for milk, dairy, and fatty food products, manufactured in compliance with FDA and BGA requirements. Our high quality, hygienically swaged food and dairy hoses simultaneously and drastically reduce bacterial growth and contamination, improve the health and safety of the working environment for employees, and ensures the longevity of hose assemblies.

At Flextech, we specialise in the design, development, and manufacturing of all types of hygienic hose assemblies to accommodate for all of your Hygienic hose applications from temperatures of -40˚c to +80˚c.

We designed our Dairyflex® range with four key hose variants to ensure that we could provide application-specific hose assemblies:

Dairyflex® hose assembly liners are corrugated and are made up of NBR rubber compound. Our food quality liner used within our dairy hoses range is odourless and taste-free, ensuring a hygienic food processing operation. Dairyflex® hose covers are made of blue cloth impression NBR rubber which is resistant to ozone, abrasion, and weathering, providing a high quality, yet affordable dairy hose solution.

The Flextech dairy hose range has a 10-bar working pressure and 30-bar burst pressure, making them perfect for the delivery of fatty foods and dairy products

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Benefits and Features of Dairyflex® Hose Assemblies

  • Dairyflex® hoses ensure hygienic food processing and production, drastically reducing bacterial growth and contamination
  • Food quality hose liner is odorless and taste-free
  • Rubber is resistant to ozone, abrasion and weathering
  • Application-specific dairy hoses to suit the food and dairy market demand
  • Improves health and safety of the working environment and ensures longevity of hoses, reducing your costs in the long-term

Dairyflex® Hose Applications

  • Fatty foods and dairy produce
  • Suitable for use in a food processing plant, whether you have a small or large setup
  • The Dairyflex® range consists of a variety of application-specific hose assemblies making them suitable for; simple dairy and food delivery applications, dairy product plants and taking product from truck to tanker