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Quick Release Camlock Couplings for Hoses

Camlock Couplings are low/medium pressure quick release coupling systems that are used to connect/disconnect hose lines swiftly without the use of hand tools. We offer a complete range covering male/female variants as well as dust caps & plugs. The Camlock couplings are available in 316 stainless steel, polypropylene, aluminium and brass options to suit your weight, cost, reactivity and endurance requirements and sizing options to suit your equipment and hose diameter

We also offer an upgraded version of our Camlock couplings, the Saflock coupling which includes an automatic locking system built into the cam arms. This prevents accidental unlocking of the hose so is a particularly worthwhile precaution for hoses carrying high value or high risk chemicals, liquids and substances.

These Camlock couplings are easy to use and robust, providing reliable performance for hoses and tubing conveying cooling water, fuels, chemicals, cosmetics, foodstuffs, offshore, pumps, adhesives, dyes, pharmaceuticals and pellets.

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