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FEP Chemical Hoses

Flextech supply high quality FEP lined rubber hoses for handling of aggressive chemicals and acids in delivery and suction and delivery variants. Manufactured in compliance with EN 12115 and FDA standards from 100% virgin grade FEP, these hoses feature a fluorinated ethylene propylene rubber liner which provides a chemical resistant, low friction surface for supplying and extracting chemicals, industrial solvents, bases, strong acids and volatile liquids like petroleum.

These FEP hoses are reinforced with a high strength synthetic plies and/or a twin wire spiral to provide strength and durability whilst remaining lightweight and flexible. This makes them suitable for storing in reels and used on barges and ships along with tanks, plants, chemical dosing systems and factories. FEP fluoropolymer liners are also used in some of our specialist pharmaceutical hoses as the extremely smooth surface prevents almost all material entrapment and bacterial build up. FEP is non-conductive, adding further safety when handling chemical and volatile liquids.