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Flexible PTFE (Teflon®) Hose Assemblies

Flextech Hose Solutions design, manufacture and supply high quality custom built, flexible PTFE lined hose assemblies, also known as Teflon® or Polytetrafluoroethylene hoses. Our comprehensive range of PTFE hose assemblies are custom made to meet the stringent temperature, pressure and vacuum service requirements found in food, beverage, pharmaceutical, medical, petrochemical and high pressure gas applications. The Teflon® PTFE compound offers unique properties which include excellent chemical resistance, high temperature resistance (from minus 60°C/76°F up to 260°C, 500°F), high working pressure rating (up to 552 bar) and a frictionless, easy clean surface.

Our PTFE hoses are available in smoothbore or convoluted bore with an assortment of grades, covers & end terminations. The compounds are manufactured from DuPont granules in translucent virgin PTFE to FDA 21.CFR.177.1550 or Anti-Static black PTFE to FDA 21.CFR.178.3297 compliance.

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Benefits and Features of PTFE Hose Assemblies

  • Inert to virtually all chemicals
  • Very resistant to weathering
  • UV light resistant
  • Oxidisation resistant
  • Resistant to ageing, discolouration and ageing
  • Non-flammable
  • Lightweight
  • Superior flex fatigue life
  • Low permeability
  • Lowest coefficient of friction of any solid material
  • Unlimited shelf life
  • Solvent Resistant

PTFE Hose Applications

  • Fluids associated with high temperatures
  • Compensation of vibrations and pip work misalignment within a product line
  • Fluids associated with pharmaceutical and biomedical transfer and production
  • Food handling and production
  • Production of dairy products
  • Bottle filling
  • Beverage service, handling and production
  • Petrochemical and specialist chemical transfers
  • De-ionised water transfer
  • Conveyance of cosmetic solutions

Custom PTFE Hose Assemblies

We can manufacture your PTFE hoses to any combination of lengths, bore sizes from 1/8” to 4”, grades for all industries, covers from stainless steel braid to polypropylene, EPDM or Silicone. The hoses can be reinforced to your requirements, with vacuum wire or single, double or triple braid and fitted with a versatile selection of end terminations. Options include a simple male or female connector at each end, sophisticated compression fittings, Camlock couplings, Dry disconnects, valves and air pressure fittings.

Flextech are one of a select few UK companies with the technology to Taft, Flare PTFE to the highest quality standard. PTFE tafting involves extruding the PTFE hose liner over the face of the attached fitting to ensure complete lining of all wetted parts. This prevents corrosion of expensive fittings and attachments and ensures the hose is 100% hygienic and FDA approved for the food and beverage industry or pharmaceutical applications.

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PTFE – Did you know?

Well, what is PTFE? Polytetrafluoroethylene, commonly known as PTFE or Teflon®, is a synthetic fluoropolymer which comprises of carbon atoms, each one linked to two fluorine atoms. As a fluorocarbon, PTFE has a high molecular weight which consists of fluorine atoms surrounding and protecting the carbon chain, thus creating the unique attributes that it is known for. PTFE has a melting point of 327°c, can maintain high strength, toughness and self-lubrication at temperatures as low as -268°c and has great flexibility at temperatures above -79°c.

Water and friction resistance

PTFE is a hydrophobic material meaning that neither water nor other water containing substances can wet it therefore making it superior to many other hoses used for the same or similar applications. As well as this, PTFE is also one of the lowest coefficients of friction against any solid which makes it extremely easy to use in a hose application as it can be dragged across a surface with ease.

Easily cleanable and unrivalled temperature range

PTFE has found itself a lot of uses, one example is in cooking where it is used as a non-stick surface for pans and where it also has to resist very high temperatures. This example can be used as a representation for how well PTFE performs as a hose liner material as its non-stick surface makes it easily cleaned as well as being able to resist a temperature range of -150°c to +260°c, which far outperforms any other rubber or plastic material.

Chemical resistance

Perhaps its most famous attribute is PTFE’s extremely high resistance to chemicals and corrosives. There are only a handful of scenarios where PTFE would not be the first choice regarding a corrosive or chemical application and these are extremely unusual scenarios such as Fluorine gas at a high temperature or boiling sodium metal. Apart from these, PTFE performs considerably well in many chemical hose applications and should be the first choice when choosing a hose for your application.

It is for these reasons that PTFE lined hoses are the number one, favourite and first choice at Flextech as they outperform almost every other hose material allowing us to ensure that you get a high quality, extremely durable, multi-purpose, cost efficient hose.