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Hoses with Convoluted PTFE Linings

A PTFE hose with a convoluted lining offers far greater flexibility than a smoothbore equivalent, with a bend radius as low as 18mm and a superior flex fatigue life even at extreme temperatures (-60°C to +260°C). The convoluted PTFE lining retains the same hygienic, durable and non-stick qualities as smoothbore PTFE making these hoses ideal for long term use in food handling and production, pharmaceutical and bio-medical transfer applications, fluids associated with high temperatures, petrochem and specialist chemical transfer, beverage handling and production, particularly in areas where flexibility is prioritised over flow rate.

Convoluted Teflon® Hoses are easy to reinforce with a vacuum wire and a 304 or 316 stainless steel braid, enabling use in vacuum or suction environments and for preventing elongational growth, or with a polypropylene braid to prevent corrosion in more aggressive chemical environments. These reinforced hoses reduce the chances of the hose kinking, tangling or twisting so pressure is maintained and any dangerous blockages or buildups are avoided.

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Convoluted PTFE Hose Features

Convoluted PTFE hoses have several unique qualities over more traditional materials. They are inert to virtually all chemicals, so any internal substances will not cause a reaction or impact the taste, odour or chemical properties of the substance. This also means the PTFE hoses are very resistant to weathering, ageing, degradation from UV light, oxidation, surface fouling and discolouration both when in use or when stored, resulting in a long service life and a long shelf life.

They are non-flammable, solvent resistant and have a very low permeability, so operations are safe and when choosing anti-static PTFE rather than virgin PTFE any shocks or explosions are minimised. PTFE or Teflon has the lowest coefficient of friction of any known solid material so even with convolutions manufactured into the pipe flow rate is excellent and build up of any microbial or contaminating substances is very rare. The hellical convolutions enable convoluted PTFE hoses to be self draining of media during things such as Clean In Place procedures (CIP).

The PTFE convoluted hose assemblies can be fitted with any end connection you request. Our tafting/flaring expertise means that all wetted parts can be PTFE Lined. Other customisations include a silicone cover, a fire sleeve, spring guards, bend restrictors and bounce rings to protect the hose, or identification tags so that the hoses can be added to a hose register.