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Braided Polyurethane Hoses

Braided PU hoses combine the flexibility and elasticity of Polyurethane with the durability and kink resistance of far bulkier braided hoses to provide a well balanced reinforced hose. A smooth PU liner provides friction free passage of gases, compressed air or liquids and resists chemical reactions like hydrolysis. As PU is light yet strong, our braided PU hoses are ideal for use with pneumatic air tools, carts, compressors and reels, both inside and outside.

The braided PU hoses are reinforced with a high strength polyester braid and a layer of flexible PU, so high working pressures and very high bursting pressures are available with a bend radius as little as 50 mm. This means our PU braided hoses can withstand long and frequent impulse cycles without distorting under pressure, and with a range of end connectors and clamps professionally fitted in our UK premises, failure rates along the whole hose are reduced.