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Lightweight Flexible PVC Ducting

PVC Ducting offers a light weight, durable, corrosion free solution to ventilation, fume extraction and vacuum and heating challenges in your building.

For an excellent combination of low weight and high strength, PVC ducting offers a flexible solution for air, gas, powders, light materials and even aquatic contents. Our Superflex, Vinylflex, Vacuflex and Superflex ducting ranges are all specially engineered to excel in specific environments. The Superflex PVC ducting range is non-toxic and crush resistant and is available in sizes from 1 inch to 10 inches. Applications include domestic duties and low pressure industrial handling of heating, ventilation and airflow / air conditioning systems, dust and fume extraction, suction and delivery of sand, powders, fibres, pellets and fabric cuttings. Vacuflex offers similar excellent flexibility, with a wire reinforcement for use in vacuum applications and to ensure the cross section is retained even in tight turns and confined spaces. The choice of black, clear and grey colouring enables the contents to be monitored or concealed depending on the situation.

The Superflextract range features a PVC coated spring steel wire helix, making it extremely robust whilst remaining flexible, so is ideal for vacuum applications involving the cleaning and extraction of air, dust and fumes. For more volatile applications, the Vinylflex range is reistant to hydrolysis, microbes, chemicals, ozone, weathering and UV light and is self extinguishing, providing a safe and inert PVC ducting solution for industrial workspaces or protecting moving components. More specialist PVC ducting includes the T3910-PLS air blowing ducting, available in diameters up to 900mm (3 ft) for maximum effect on mobile heating units, grain drying equipment, hall and tent heating, greenhouse heating, fresh air units.