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Braided PVC Hoses

Flextech manufacture specialist and general purpose PVC hoses reinforced with a high quality braid. These hoses are robust and resistant to UV light, high and low temperatures and wear and tear, making them a popular choice in many industries including automotive, agricultural, industrial cleaning and even food and fire fighting. The range of Braided PVC hoses supplied by Flextech include those for water, medical breathing air, compressed air, hydrocarbons such as oil and industrial and agricultural chemicals. Each have specific properties but the same levels of reliability, resistance and customisation across the range.

Our braid reinforced PVC hoses can be manufactured to your specific requirements, with a range of internal diameters from extra small bore 4mm up to 50mm. Most commonly these consist of 3 layers; a smooth, transparent or opaque, Class A flexible PVC liner, a Polyester fibre braid reinforcement and a smooth Class A flexible PVC cover. This provides excellent flexibility with a tight bend radius, long service life and higher resistance to UV degradation. Others have an additional layer of foam PVC so the hose is extra resistant to moisture and buoyant for aquatic use in pools or on boats.

Our specialist braided PVC hoses are even coloured to fit their application. Our transparent hoses such as the Braidflex T1200 allow monitoring of the contents being transferred such as food products and alcohols. The yellow Tricoflex hoses are ultra UV resistant and protect the inner liner and reinforcement from sun damage whilst our white, grey and black PVC braided hoses are unobtrusive and blend into their environment.