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Specialist Ducting

Flextech’s specialist ducting range is designed to cope with the complex and heavy duty requirements of high temperature, volatile and harmful exhaust fumes, gases and chemical vapour extraction. Our specialist ductings consist of high performance materials including but not limited to; Hypalon, PTFE and special coated high temperature resistant fabrics that enable them to meet the performance requirements of many high-end industry applications. With maximum temperature ratings up to 1100 degrees these ductings are truly capable of satisfying stringent service needs.

Aerospace Defence Flexible food ducting Pharmaceutical ducting
Agricultural machinery ducting Ducting for furnace suction Fuel Cells Power testing station ducting
ATEX Hoses / ATEX ducting Electric and Cable ducting Gas ducting PTFE Ducting
Automotive Electrically conductive ducting Industrial Engines Railway
Chemical flexible ducting Engine test bed ducting Marine Windpower
Cosmetics Exhaust extraction hoses Military Engineering ducting

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