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Steam Hoses

Our range of steam and hot water hoses are designed for the delivery of high temperature water and steam. All steam hoses are available as either a loose hose or as a bespoke hose assemblies.

The Flextech steam hoses can operate in high temperatures of up to +232 degrees Celsius and has excellent chemical resistance.

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Hot Water and Washdown Hoses

We offer a complete selection of steam and hot water hoses that are suitable for delivery applications. Our high-quality Steamflex® range consists of low/high pressure hoses, cooling water hoses, radiator hoses, hot water hoses and washdown hoses.

These hoses are predominantly manufactured from an EPDM rubber liner and are reinforced with synthetic braids and then covered with a smooth, non-marking EPDM rubber, low friction, weather and abrasive resistant cover. These hoses are manufactured in accordance to EN ISO 6134-2005-1A & 2A, BS5122//A2, BS 5342:85-2A and our T5720 food quality steam hoses meet FDA 21.177.2600.