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Cold and Hot Water Hoses for Water Suction and Delivery

Flextech are leading suppliers of high performance water hoses made from advanced materials like braid reinforced PVC, EPDM rubber hose and styrene rubber to provide flexibility, durability and maximum water suction across a diverse range of uses. Our complete selection of hoses are suitable for both suction and delivery and consist of low and high pressure hoses rated up to 80°C. For applications requiring temperature ratings above 80°C we have developed hot water and steam hoses capable of withstanding heats of +232°C.

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Domestic, Hospitality and Recreational Water Hoses

Flextech design and manufacture water hoses for all purposes. From simple tasks like delivering drinking water and filling swimming pools and spas to transporting water on yachts and boats, our PVC water delivery hoses carry compressed, carbonated or constant flows of water and other inert liquids or even air. These hoses can be supplied with UV resistant and weather resistant covers to protect the hose from the elements or a flexible foam outer layer to provide buoyancy when used on water, rivers or at sea. These water suction hoses include a single or double core layer to offer high flexibility, easy handling and excellent resistance to repeated bending, crushing and pulling.

Industrial and Agricultural Water Hoses

Our range of water hoses are designed for sectors of activity such as farming, irrigation, vegetable growing and flower growing, water supply and delivery in industry, construction sites and roadworks. Each of our industrial water hoses are easy to handle and function in all weathers and temperatures thanks to multiple layers of PVC and a polyester fibre reinforcement. These are manufactured to the highest European and British standards with good chemical resistance and also resistant to abrasion, and kinking. With internal dimensions as small as 12.5mm all the way up to 152mm and a choice of connection and end fittings or supply as a loose hose, we can provide the exact industrial water hose you require.