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Happy New Year & Welcome to our new website!

After several months of planning, development and building, we are delighted to announce the launch of our new website.

We wanted a new website in order to not only better tell the story of our company and what we stand for but to also create a more seamless experience for our customers and anyone seeking information regarding hose solutions.

We’ve designed our new website to be an informative platform for all things hoses; which will include things such as technical knowledge, datasheets, catalogues, clear and easy to understand product images and photos or educational blog posts and of course, company updates. We want you to be able to find all that you need from one hose hub –


Less is more.

One major thing we’ve implemented with the design of our new website is a cleaner, simpler “feel”. We’ve invested in high quality images which accurately reflect our product ranges, reduced the amount of clunky paragraphs and improved the responsiveness of the site to mobile devices such as phones and tablets to ensure your experience while on our website is enjoyable and not frustrating.


What’s in it for you?

Believe it or not, but this website is more about you than it is us! We want you to to be able to find whatever you need on our website whenever you want. Although our office hours are between 8:30am to 5:00pm we are aware that you may still be in need of technical information outside of this time frame. Almost every product on our website will have its own technical datasheet, available in a pdf download which can be found inside the “download datasheet” tab on that specific page.

The images we’ve used for our product section on our website are purposely in a cad style format to show you the construction of the specific product you’re looking at. Whilst these images are great and insightful, we are aware that actual photos of our products will be useful and so it is our intention to add multiple photos to each product over the year so you can really gain a clear image of what your product is.

A new feature to our site is blog posts. We intend to keep you updated with a variety of different types of information, all hose and hose industry related. Our News and Blog section of the site will be a collection of our knowledge and technical information that you can readily access.


How can i find what i need?

We understand that everyone has different ways of searching for things when they visit a website. Some of us know the market we’re in and will filter through the products until we find what we need, others of us will know what type of hose liner is suitable to convey our media and will navigate through this way. We’ve tried to cater for as many peoples needs as possible, whether you’re technical or not we hope you are able to find what you need. You can search through our products by specifying the material type of the liner, by choosing the market you operate in and seeing the available products or by visiting the “Quick Links” section to jump straight to our most common product categories. You can even use our search function to search by product code or the name/description of the product. In the instance that you can’t find what you’re looking for please feel free to call us and we can help you navigate to what you need.

We’ve also introduced a new filtering system in our products section which will allow you to filter through the products by selecting the market, temperature ranges, the liner or cover materials etc. We plan to expand on this too to make it a more comprehensible search function. We’d like to inform you that this is a new toy in a beta testing period and so it is a bit experimental at the moment. We’re currently working on this to make sure it displays all the correct products when you choose a filter.


What developments are coming in the future?

Now that we’ve got our new website sorted the last thing we intend to do is leave it stagnant. We will always be adding new products and photos, updating technical information, developing new sections for the website, writing informative blog posts and much more. Our aim is to offer you a truly useful hose solution determination tool.


Lastly, please bear with us!

Because our website is brand new there might be a few bugs or links that may not work. We are currently testing and amending any instances of these as we come across them so please bear with us while we do!

We hope you have an enjoyable experience on our website and thank you for taking the time to read this post.

Happy New Year!



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