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Food and Beverage Hoses

Flextech manufacture some of the world’s most advanced hygienic food and beverage hose assemblies on the market today. Our range is extensive, covering non-stick PTFE food and beverage hoses with smoothbore and convoluted linings and a range of reinforcement options, hygienic rubber brewery, dairy and distillery hoses and PTFE and silicone tubing with customisable diameters, lengths and end connections.

Food and beverage production presents a number of challenges. Keeping the product at the correct temperature and pressure, avoiding tainting the taste of the product, stopping reactions with hoses and equipment, maintaining hygiene standards and keeping up with demand can be tough. Flextech’s hose assemblies are designed to meet these stringent requirements and are designed for specific applications so your food factory, processing plant or beverage production line will no longer be held back by hoses with a short lifespan or are not fit for purpose.

Brewery and Dairy Hoses

Brewflex® brewery hoses are high-quality butyl lined hoses, designed specifically to convey beer as well as being suitable for; wine, cider, spirits (up to 96%), soft drinks, fruit juices and drinking water. View our Brewflex Brewery Hose range here.

Dairyflex® is Flextech’s range of hygienic rubber dairy hoses suitable for milk, dairy, and fatty food products, manufactured in compliance with FDA and BGA requirements. Our high quality, hygienically swaged Dairyflex™ hoses simultaneously and drastically reduce bacterial growth and contamination, improve the health and safety of the working environment for employees, and ensures the longevity of hose assemblies. View our Dairyflex Dairy Hose range here.

Food Hoses

Flextech also specialise in the highest quality suction and delivery hoses for dry and abrasive foodstuffs such as grains, rice, sugar, salt, flour, dry fruit and animal foods. With neoprene rubber, polyurethane (PU) or PVC linings, these hoses remain lightweight, durable and flexible whilst avoiding passing on taste or odour to the contents. Reinforcements such as rigid spirals or high strength synthetic piles with copper wire keep the food hoses crush and vacuum resistant, and less prone to static buildup. They feature a smooth lining so contents will not stick and build up bacteria, making them easy to clean and adhere to stringent hygiene regulations and numerous standards.

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