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Rubber and Elastomer Hose Assemblies

Relying on an off the shelf rubber hose to perform a vital, rigorous task such as air supply, welding or water suction can result in poor performance at high or low temperatures and pressures, incompatibility with the hose content and regular failure of the hose and connector. Switching to a professional quality, purpose made rubber hose made from an elastomer such as airtight Butyl rubber, durable EPDM, oil and fuel resistant NBR/Nitrile rubber or high strength SBR ensures maximum operational efficiency with minimal delays or detrimental impacts on hose content.

Flextech are at the forefront of rubber and elastomer hose design, development and production and have a full compliment of rubber hose components to provide your business with a hose solution that meets your exact activities, requirements and specifications.

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Industrial Rubber Hose Assemblies

For the automotive industry, Flextech supply hoses lined with nitrile, silicone and EPDM rubbers which provide high performance, flexibility and controlled expansion. Our industrial rubber air hoses can work under pressures of up to 50 bar with operating temperatures reaching 80°C due to their smooth rubber compound liner, synthetic reinforcing braid and smooth non-marking rubber cover. These rubber hoses are available in lengths up to 40m for use in diving, agriculture, mining, tunnelling, works and construction or can be made to measure as bespoke rubber hose assemblies.

Our heavy duty rubber industrial hoses consist of a natural rubber liner reinforced with wires and a strong, resistant sleeve which makes them suitbale to deliver sand, cement, stones, slurry or plaster which is abrasive and difficult to handle. For high temperatures we have developed EPDM hot water and steam hoses, able to carry fluids up to 210°C to provide cooling water for plans and mills or hot water for cleaning, washdown, radiators and steam supply and extraction.

The non reactive properties of silicone rubber make it ideal for pharmaceutical applications such as feeding pumps, diagnostics, processing and dispensing equipment, with Flextech’s Pharmaflex hoses amongst the best quality on the market. For reactive chemicals and acids, our UHMWPE, EPDM and FEP rubber lined hoses are reliable options for the suction or delivery of aggressive liquids or petroleum and their low failure rates make them perfect for use on barges, ships or rigs as well as on land in taks, trucks and chemical dosing systems. We also offer purpose made hoses for fuel and oil delivery made from high quality natural rubber (NBR) with options for aircraft refuelling, ship to shore loading, fuel loading and oil delivery/reeling.

Food and Beverage Rubber Hose Assemblies

For the brewery industry, our hygienic rubber suction and delivery hoses lined with butyl occupy one of the top spots in the marketplace for high quality brewery hoses, and are supplied to hundreds of breweries across the UK and the wider world.

Natural / NBR Rubber of the highest grade is used for our food and dairy hose assemblies, with a smooth, FDA approved rubber liner offering resistance to friction, fats and oils. These NBR rubber hoses are ideal for milk and dairy food product delivery, and can be reinforced by a Steel or Nylon wire spiral to protect the hose from being crushed by machinery or vehicles.